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How we work

Our main objective is to get to know your business and people so that we can provide the best possible service and solutions.  So, although we are happy to provide ad-hoc and project support, our preference is always to work with you over an initial 6-12 month period.  

We can structure our relationship in a range of ways but in order to help prospective clients understand the range of options available we have packaged our service into 3 areas outlined below.

For full details please get in touch or download our latest Rates and Services Brochure.


Services Summary

Ad-hoc and Project Support

Are you undertaking a project which needs some HR input?  Maybe you just need someone to draft some ad-hoc documents for you or even attend a disciplinary hearing for you?  We can help.

After we have taken a brief from you, our time is charged at a standard hourly rate ( applied at 30 minute intervals to help you manage your costs). Once you have explained what we need then we will give you an estimate.

We do offer substantial discounts for advance bulk bookings, so before you book us its worth thinking about other areas you may need support on over the coming year.

Retained Support

Are you getting bogged down in people management issues and aren't sure if you are handling them correctly.  Let us take this off of your plate with one of our retained HR support packages.  

The Advice Line gives you access to the team to ask questions and get support on HR issues as they arise

The Advice Line + Onsite Support not only means you can drop us a line with any routine HR issues. We also develop an HR calendar and proactively work with you onsite to help you make your business a great place to work over a 12 month period.

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Other Packages

Contracts, Policies and Procedures

All businesses need at least a basic employment contract for their employees and some standards procedures to stay compliant with the law. We have 2 easy options for your business: HR Startup Kit and Advanced HR Kit


Do you have the feeling that something isn't quite right in your team, or your HR practices don't comply with the law?  Our HR diagnostics are just what you need.  We offer packages which start just at assessing compliance and go up to completing a full cultural assessment, depending on your needs.