Workplace Wellbeing


Lots of businesses are concerned about helping their employees manage their wellbeing, but they find it challenging to balance that with growing the business.  We work with carefully selected expert partners, to provide bespoke packages aimed at improving employee wellbeing in your business.

The Wellbeing Review

 As part of our Cultural Diagnostic package, or as a standalone project, we will assess the wellbeing of your people and your business. Following our review you will have a bespoke plan which you can either work through yourself or engage us (or one of our specialist partners) to support with implementation.

From there we can put in place range of solutions to help you improve the wellbeing of your employees, such as:

  • Mental Health First Aid Courses 

  • First Aid Courses

  • Workplace massage

  • Mindfulness sessions

  • Group exercise classes

  • Team fitness and wellbeing challenges 

  • Team building bootcamps

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