At one time of another, all business owners and directors worry about whether they are really getting the most out of their teams.  We know its difficult to get that insight when you're the boss, which is why we developed our diagnostic packages

The Cultural Diagnostic offers a detailed assessment of how your staff feel about working in your business, checks for employment legislation compliance, reviews the effectiveness of your organisation structure and leaves you with a detailed HR plan which you may choose to work on yourselves or engage us to support.

We know not every business has the same priorities so, depending on your needs you can also upgrade the core package to include:

  • A Wellbeing Review

  • Training Needs Analysis

  • Additional Leadership and Staff Feedback Sessions


The Individual 360 Feedback Diagnostic provides important insight into an individual's leadership style by asking peers, direct reports and (if applicable) their line manager to provide feedback.  The outcome report provides rich data which will help the individual engage better with their teams.

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