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How we work

Our main objective is to get to know your business and people so that we can provide the best possible service and solutions.  So, although we are happy to provide ad-hoc and project support, our preference is always to work with you over an initial 6-12 month period.  

We can structure our relationship in a range of ways but in order to help prospective clients understand the range of options available when outsourcing their HR, we have packaged our service areas below.

For full details please get in touch or download our latest Rates and Services Brochure.


Services Overview


Retained Services

Looking to work with a commercial and proactive HR specialist, but aren't quite in a position to take the leap and recruit someone permanently to your team?  Find out how we can help you create a great place to work here.



Do you have the feeling that something isn't quite right in your business?  Maybe your staff turnover is high or you feel people aren't happy at work. Find out more about how our HR diagnostics can give you the insight you need. 

Ad-hoc and Project Support

Are you undertaking a project which needs some HR input?  Maybe you just need someone to draft some ad-hoc documents for you or even attend a disciplinary hearing for you?  We can help.  Find out how here.


HR Training for Non-HR Professionals

Many small businesses has someone who takes care of HR, but may not have any formal HR training.  Our low cost, practical on-line course can build confidence in handling day-to-day HR processes. Read more about our HR training. 

Contracts, Policies and Procedures

All businesses need at least some basic employment documentation and processes to stay compliant with the law. Learn about our cost effective packages here.


SME HR Systems


HR systems can significantly reduce the amount of time small businesses need to spend on HR administration.  We know you may not have the time to spend sourcing a system suitable for your needs, so we have done the work for you.  Learn about our HR systems partners and our implementation package here.