At a loss about being a boss? Part 4 of 4: Set your culture

What to do when you find yourself leading a team, without ever managing a single person

Your company culture is the personality of your business. Culture defines the environment you and your employees work in. Whether environment, mission, vision and values or ultimate goals, all will have an impact on how you do things and how your employees fit within the business.


There are typically two ways we’ve seen businesses set their culture. The first is for the founders to define their culture early on, even before they have established a team.  The second is to do that work once they have made the first few key hires.  Although it might be important to define the foundations of your culture early on, it can be easier to embed more organically if it is refined and developed with a larger team who have bought into it, a little later down the line.


Once you have set the core components of your culture (or if you need help with this, get in touch), these are some fundamentals of how you can embed them into the business:

  • At the end of your recruitment process ask yourself: “Does this candidate reflect our values and why?” before making a hiring decision. If they don’t, then should you really be hiring them – you could be setting them up to fail as they may not thrive in your environment.

  •  Find ways to describe and bring to life your culture for your new joiners. This could be through structure, ways of working, ways of communicating, office décor etc. All of which, will help them understand what behaviours will make them successful in your business.

  •  When providing feedback on team performance, try and link it back to your values. Making sure objectives are set that link to those values in the first place, you reinforce (and potentially reward) the performance that is most aligned to your values. 

  •  Share client or customer stories that reflect your values with your teams. This will help employees build a picture of how and what you expect. Clarity is a great motivator.


 Systems sorted. Leadership lauded. Deficiencies diagnosed. Culture championed. You’re all set to be the best boss you can be - but don’t stop there, the best leaders continue to work on their leadership skills throughout their careers

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