At a loss about being a boss? Part 3 of 4: Hire for your weaknesses

What to do when you find yourself leading a team, having never managed a single person.

In part two we suggested getting being yourself is key to great leadership. Being authentic, honest and understanding your style and not being fake. This time we’re asking for a little self-reflection. Think about your weaknesses.


No one is good at everything. No matter how confident or skilled you are there will always be something that you’re just not great at. And that’s fine.


If you listen to any great leader, they will say that one of the best things they did for their business was to hire for their weaknesses. If you reviewed your leadership style and your preferences, you will already know there are some things you either don’t enjoy or aren’t good at doing.


A really common example is sales vs. operations. Typically businesses divide these two sets of tasks because usually (although not always) the type of person who enjoys making sales, is not going to be the person who likes getting into the detail of how operational processes work.


Hiring for your weaknesses can be tough because if you aren’t good at something - and don’t know what those skill sets are - it can be really hard to spot someone who is.  


This is how we do it:

1.     Write a list of what you are looking for

Putting this into a job description is also helpful – you can download our free template here.


2.    Ask the experts for help

Ask people who have a better understanding of the skills you are hiring for either to help you flesh out your requirements (e.g. give you a list of questions/template answers for interviews) or ask if they know someone that could be a great fit.


3.    Involve the team

Especially when you are thinking about cultural fit. It’s really useful to get other members of your team involved in the recruitment process.  They will often spot things you will have missed. Equally, they’ll feel more engaged in the process and more likely to help the new person become a success.


Paperwork and systems are sorted; you’re comfortable with your leadership style and understand your weaknesses. You’re already becoming a better boss. But how does this sit within your business? Have you thought about culture?


Look out for the next instalment of this four-part guide, part four: Set your culture. If you missed the earlier parts of the series here are part 1 and part 2 or if you have questions get in touch, we love questions!

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