At a loss about being a boss? Part 2 of 4: Be yourself

In part one we suggested getting the boring stuff right. To save you time (and hassle) throughout the life of your business. Once you’ve got this right, think a little closer to home. Be yourself.


We know the leaders we have most respected and enjoyed working for weren’t the ones that got it right all the time, they were the authentic ones.  Sometimes they made mistakes. They were human. But, when that happened you knew they thought they were doing the right thing, so everyone got over it pretty quickly and pulled together to help get things back on track


It is tempting to put on a façade when you aren’t feeling confident about your leadership skills, or even try and replicate someone else’s leadership style you admired. But let’s face it we’re not all Barack Obama or Richard Branson. Whenever a leader does that it always comes off a bit fake.  You are always better to be yourself – even if you don’t feel like you’re hitting the mark all the time.


It can take time to understand who you are as a leader, or what your leadership style is, and to do this some people like to work with a coach.  We have some recommendations for great coaches we have worked with, but if that is a little out of reach for now here are some really great low cost tools that can help you:

  • Podcasts are great for learning from the experiences of successful leaders

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Now you’ve taken the time to understand your leadership style, its time to build your team.  Take a look at the next instalment of this four-part guide, Part 3: Hire for your weaknesses. Missed part one? Find it here. Or if you have questions, get in touch

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