Recruit-ker-ching....Some of the most cost effective ways to recruit staff for small businesses

Work is flooding in. People are busy. You need more staff. How do you find them?  Recruiting is a costly business, agency fees can be expensive and when money is tight, you’d probably rather be spending it somewhere else.  Here are our top tips for getting the most out of your recruitment budget:


1: Employee Referral Schemes

You’ve already hired great team members who fit your culture.  Chances are they will know other people who will also be a perfect to join the team.  Offer an incentive for your staff to refer people in their network to apply – which they get if the person is recruited (well, when they pass their probationary period).  A good incentive is cash but other perks like a free day off work well too.


2: Social Media

You probably have a LinkedIn profile/company page, Facebook group, Instagram and Twitter following – post your vacancy on these pages and ask your existing team to like and share the posts. It’s completely free and will give your customers confidence that you are growing. Look on or for free images to bring your post to life.


3: Job boards

You can go to individual job boards to post an advert – niche sites for more technical roles or generalist sites for easier to find candidates. Make sure you do your research and match the role to the site.


There are companies who for a few hundred pounds will post vacancies across lots of different job boards, with the applications going into one system ready for you to shortlist.  We work with a great company who do this for our clients and we find its one of the most cost effective ways to attract lots of candidates to a role – if this is something you are interested in get in touch. Remember job sites only attract active candidates, if you have a hard to fill/specialist role this might not be the best route to take.


4: Recruitment Agencies

This looks like the most expensive way to recruit, however good consultants will do all of the advertising and shortlisting for you only sending you a shortlist of candidates who meet your exact requirements.  Our advice for working with recruitment agencies is to give them a clear and honest brief, always negotiate the rate (we generally pay 11-18% depending on the role and agency) and make sure there is a rebate clause in the terms of business if the employee doesn’t pass their probationary period.

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