5 ways to help your employees to be happier at work

We all know happy employees are good for business, here are our top tips for helping your employees to be happier at work:

1.     Say thank you

It  can be easy to get caught up in the chaos of work, forgetting to recognise a job well done or notice the personal sacrifices your teams often make to help your business be a success.  From time to time, take a step back and stop to say thank you for all your teams do.

2.     Keep your word

Whether you have promised to have a 1:1 meeting at a particular time or made a commitment that everyone will get their bonus this year, make sure you can deliver.  Repeatedly failing to keep your word will ultimately make your team feel undervalued and lead to a lack of trust.

3.     Be flexible

Employees want to feel that if they work hard and deliver for the business, when they need something in return (maybe some extra support, or some time back) that will be ok.  Check out our blog “Removing the barriers to flexible working” for ideas on how to make this happen in your business.

4.     Be open to feedback

Employees will expect to be given feedback in 1:1 meetings, annual performance reviews and a variety of other forums.  Giving your teams the opportunity to give you feedback on issues that are troubling them or to share their ideas goes a long way, and taking onboard their views could make a huge positive difference to your business.

5.     Keep an eye on working hours

Often the most committed employees will go to great lengths to deliver, which can mean happily working very long hours.  This is easy to ignore because they’ve chosen to go above and beyond. If you notice team members working hard, help them keep some balance.  It’s extremely important to avoid burnout and maintain good mental and physical health. 


Sarah RopekComment