HR Pitfalls Series: 3/5........We all "get" the vision and values

We work with small businesses on their people management challenges.  In this series we thought we would share some familiar HR pitfalls and offer some advice on how to avoid them.

You probably have some type of vision for your business (and if you don't, you should).  You may also have created some values describing the characteristics which make your company unique and will help you achieve the vision.  It all looks and sounds great, but do your team understand what it means in practice? 

Your vision must be clear, so a great place to start is to ask your team if they understand it. Listen carefully to what they say, the answers will tell you what you need to work on.  We regularly hear complaints from employees who don't understand how tasks they are asked to complete fit with the vision.  It might be obvious to you but take the time to explain it if you want good results.  You can use group meetings, 1:1 or appraisal process to get this across clearly.

Now for the values.  You may have them on your stationary, website and office walls but to your employees they could feel like meaningless words. Avoid this by making sure everyone's behaviour (especially yours!) reflects those values at all times. When you are hiring new people, look for people who also naturally demonstrate your values.  Finally, Don't be afraid to firmly address behaviour which does not reflect the values, in our experience these are the actions employees respect most from their leaders. 

Follow us to see the next instalment of the HR Pitfalls Series: 4/5........No need to worry about pay and benefits, we're a small business.

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