The 4 questions that should be asked in a changing business

If your business is going through change (good or bad) and you are employing people, these are the questions you should be asking yourself:  

1. Does this decision fit our vision and values? Just because you might legally be allowed to implement a change in a particular way, it doesn't mean you should. Take a step back and think about how your staff would want to be treated, then consider the legality of that process.

2. What is the impact of this change on our employees and their jobs? Yes, there might be a great business reason for a change, but will a shift in focus mean redundancies or a significant change in someone's responsibilities.

3. How will this be communicated to the employees?  You might think the need for change is obvious but it may not be to everyone.  You have to make sure important messages are communicated clearly to all employees and its always worth putting some thought into this.

4. Realistically, how long will this take to implement?  This is often underestimated. If a change impacts your people you will need to factor additional time to communicate the change, develop new processes, train your teams and iron out any glitches.

If you are a business owner you probably prefer spending your time thinking about new business ideas rather then on answering these questions, and thats fine. Instead give someone in your team responsibility for HR as part of their main job, or hire an HR Consultant like us!