HR Pitfalls Series: 2/5........We don't need an induction, we all know each other here anyway

We work with small businesses on their people management challenges.  In this series we thought we would share some familiar HR pitfalls and offer some advice on how to avoid them.

For your new starters the attraction of working in a small business is often the opportunity to take on a new and varied role at the beginning of a company's journey.  They will join you with loads of enthusiasm and new ideas to help you grow.  But don't be fooled, you didn't get good at your job on enthusiasm alone and neither will they.  You need to show your new joiners the ropes, however small your business may be.  

Our advice is put together an induction list to help you describe your expectations of them and their role. It should start with the basics such as working hours, IT systems (which you should have already set up for them) and a who's who of colleagues, customers and suppliers. Next, spend lots of time describing the company culture and the types of behaviours that will help them be successful.  Finally, set up regular times to meet up and discuss their progress - this is especially important if you don't work from the same location.

Follow us to see the next instalment of the HR Pitfalls Series: 3/5........We all get the vision and values, right?

People Management Partners work with small businesses to help them manage the legal risk associated with employing people and create great places to work.