What HR will tell you about your people (that you probably won’t know)?

Mind reading is a skill many line managers wish they had, especially when it comes to managing people!  A close second is to work with a good HR professional. Those of us who have been doing it a while have pretty much seen it all, so this means we are pretty good at interpreting and explaining behaviour.  We'll build relationships so we can get to know your people.  Essentially we can bridge the gap between managers and employees. This is what we can tell you about your people:

  1. Who is about to leave and who invested in the business long term
  2. Which employees are just playing politics
  3. Who isn’t delivering in their role and, most importantly, why
  4. Which reporting lines and job roles are ineffective
  5. How individuals want to be rewarded and recognised
  6. If employees buy into the vision and understand the company strategy

Do you want to know more about your people?  Ask us about our HR diagnostics.