The HR Pitfalls Series: 1/5....You hired your mate.

We work with small businesses on their people management challenges.  In this series we thought we would share some familiar HR pitfalls and offer some advice on how to avoid them.

Ok, so there is nothing wrong with hiring people you know and trust.  Where small businesses often make a mistake is not bothering to clearly set expectations with their new recruit - yes we know its a bit awkward, but follow these steps and your friend could be your next dream employee:

First, before you even offer them the job, sit them down and CLEARLY explain what you expect from the role.  You should also have a frank discussion about the boss/friendship dynamic.  It might feel a bit weird but we promise you will both feel much better for it in the end.

Next, make them a formal written offer (with a probationary period) and give them an employment contract.  Not one you adapted from the place you worked at 5 years ago, but one that is relevant to your company and the role they will be doing.

Finally, once they have settled in, write down some objectives and set up regular meetings to review how things are going.  Try to do this in a work setting rather than in the pub or over a curry on a Friday night!

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