5 steps to recruiting the best people for your business

Great, you have decided you are going to go ahead and recruit.  Here are 5 steps to help you find the right person:

1.     Create a job description that includes the tasks and responsibilities of the position, as well as the specific skills and experience they need.  This may seem like extra admin but it will describe the job to candidates, form the basis of a job advert and act as a point of reference to ensure you select the right person.

2.     Consider the best cultural fit for your company.  This is very important. What traits and behaviours will make this person most successful with your clients, suppliers and any other team members.

3.     Decide on the interview process.  Who will shortlist and interview candidates? What questions do you want to ask to best assess skills, experience and cultural fit? Will the interviews be face to face or over the phone? Do you want to assess specific skills using an exercise? Whatever you decide on all candidates should go through the same process to maintain fairness.

4.     Although you can use recruitment agencies, first try asking your network (friends, family, business contacts) to help you identify people who might be suitable for the job.  You can also post on social media such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to let people know you are hiring. 

5.     Set aside dedicated and uninterrupted time to interview the candidates as soon as you can.  Good candidates will often get snapped up quickly and you don’t want to miss out.

Next week I will be sharing pointers on how to plan an orientation for your new team member.