Why you should have good employee records

Keeping on top of your employee records when you have so many other priorities can be difficult, but without them you can’t protect yourself with evidence you have met your legal obligations or look up important details about your employees.  Here are some examples of what your personnel files should hold:


·      A copy of the contract, without it you can’t prove one was ever issued and you wont have a record of the terms that were offered if you want to make changes.

·      Proof of eligibility to work in the UK is important because the Home Office do conduct on site checks.  If they find evidence of anyone not eligible to work in the UK, the fines can be £10,000 per person.

·      Records of any disciplinary action or other complaints are essential if you need to progress further disciplinary action.

·      Training records, particularly for any training expressly required for the role, like Health and Safety Training.

·      A record of any police checks must be on file for any roles with regular unsupervised access to children or vulnerable adults.

·      References to show you have carried out a robust recruitment process and the employee is qualified to do the job.

·      Emergency contact details because you never know when you will need them and you should be able to take care of your employees in an emergency.


If you have concerns that your personnel files are not quite up to scratch, get in touch to talk through the best way to get the essentials in place.