Why you should think about introducing a mentorship programme

We all know that when employees feel they have opportunities to develop they are more engaged.  However, SMEs often find it challenging to offer low cost and effective training. A mentorship programme can be a great solution as it is typically run using existing internal resources.  Here are some of the benefits:


1.    Its inclusive as anybody who is willing can either be mentored, a mentee or both

2.    Once the programme is set up it is very low cost to run and should require no external resources

3.    It allows a mentor to strengthen or develop management skills

4.    Mentoring facilitates the sharing of knowledge within the company

5.    A mentor will help the mentoree better understand the company culture and how to be successful

6.    A good, well publicised programme shows the company wants to invest in employees

7.    The mentoring relationship fosters more loyal employee relationships and creates a more positive work environment

8.    A good mentor can help develop junior employees into future leaders


However, in order to make a mentoring programme really effective it is important to invest some time up front to set it up. As a minimum there needs to be some guidance or training for mentors, as well as a well considered process for identifying and matching mentors to mentees.