5 tips for onboarding your new recruits.

So you have spent time finding the right person and soon it will be their first day in the role.  It might be tempting to leave them to figure things out for themselves but this will give a poor first impression and make it will be harder to get them up to speed with the job.  Here are some tips on planning an effective onboarding:

1.     Make sure you have arranged a phone, business cards, a computer, a desk and any other equipment that will be essential for their job.  These should be ready for their first day.

2.     On their first day their line manager, should plan to spend uninterrupted time talking through the role, key clients, expectations, how the company operates and any objectives for the probationary period.

3.     Be ready with a plan of any training that is required for the role, and remember you will need to start from the basics if they are completely new to your business.

4.     The line manager should arrange regular follow up one to one meetings with the new joiner to answer any questions and offer feedback during this period.

5.     If there are key people your new joiner should meet, such as colleagues, suppliers or clients, then you should pre-arrange those meetings in advance and provide an overview of the purpose of each meeting so they can be prepared.

 Next week, I will be sharing advice on how to give good feedback