Delivering effective feedback - 7 Steps to success!

We all have employees we would like to see improve their performance.  As a leader you can make this happen by sharing constructive feedback about things they need to differently and positive feedback where you want them to keep repeating a behaviour.  These 7 steps outline a simple technique to help you deliver feedback:

  1. Before you share any feedback plan what you want to say by working through these steps. This will help you deliver it in the most impactful way when you are with the employee.
  2. Arrange a comfortable place to meet where colleagues or customers cant over hear your discussion and you wont be interrupted.
  3. Explain to your team member the specific situation you observed (i.e. I noticed you were 30 minutes late to work yesterday and didn’t call in to let us know).
  4. Next explain the impact of that behaviour (i.e. This meant we were late delivering an important document to a key customer, who threatened to move to a competitor).
  5. Now you should ask for their response to your comments (i.e. can you tell me what happened, do you understand the seriousness of this situation). Here you should be assessing their reaction to make sure they understand the importance of the feedback you have shared.
  6. You should now agree concrete next steps to ensure this situation is not repeated.
  7. You have now set expectations so make sure you follow up at a later date, as repeated negative behaviour may require more formal action and positive improvements should be acknowledged.

Remember, it is easy to focus on delivering feedback when things aren't going well but you should try and balance this with positive feedback to help keep your teams motivated to improve performance.