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Creative businesses focuses on being creative first, then rely on personality skills to manage people. There was nothing wrong with that initially, but with our growing teams, we needed to create a consistent approach. Sarah’s big business background allowed us to evolve some best practices, and form disciplines that fits with our agency culture. We’re not the finished product yet, and we’re not the easiest client - but it gives us confidence that we can tap in to Sarah’s skills when we need it.
— Tsz Wu, Co-founder and Technical Director - Pink Squid
Sarah supported with a policies project, where we undertook a significant review of a large number of policies. She used her wide HR experience and expertise to review policies, align them to current legislation and organisational priorities and manage the process of stakeholder review and sign off. Thanks to her work in this area 40 policies have been reviewed and launched in a short timescale.

Her ability to build relationships was invaluable in managing the wide stakeholder map that was required for this project and her significant HR knowledge contributed to the accelerated progress of the policy review.
— Nicola Gillis, HR Director - HCA Healthcare UK
We started working with Sarah and People Management Partners a year ago when we needed to rebuild our HR platform and business culture in London following an ‘intensity burnout’ – the price of success had been too stressful for the office. This had led to a period of high staff turnover and low motivation and we needed to fix that. A year on we are in a better place and I feel confident that we are in good shape to deliver strong performance in the next budget cycle based on better ‘people’ fundamentals. What impresses me about Sarah is her ability to apply key HR tools like competence frameworks, staff handbook revisions, job descriptions, recruitment processes and reward systems in a straightforward way based on seasoned experience. A key strength she has is also to be able quickly to become a valued member of the team as a contracted HR lead internally, and this is key as you bring the toolkit to practical life.
— Jeffries Brigginshaw, CEO - British American Business